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We believe our curriculum based program, experience and individual care that is given to each child and their family is what sets our center apart from others. We realize that choosing a preschool center is a very important decision for all parents. The goal of our website is to make your decision easier by learning more about the programs that we provide. we have four levels of curriculum for ages 2-5 so that each child is always challenged.

            Concepts and skills worked daily

  • Listening, responding, and comprehending
  • Following directions
  • Social intercation and cooperative play
  • Small and large motor skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Cooperating in classroom routines
  • Colors and shapes
  • Recognition of alphabet and sounds they make
  • Tracing and freehand writing in correct form
  • Patterns for pre-reading skills
  • Recognition of numbers
  • Counting and comparing numbers
  • Beginning site words and beg. reader books
  • Simple addition and subtraction

                                          Classroom Structure

* Big, bright classrooms filled with children's art work and special creations showing the children that we are proud of their efforts and masterpieces.

* Classrooms with structured environments that include age appropriate and educationally planned activities that meet the developmental needs of the children.

* Clean age appropriate toys, materials, and equipment to encourage children to discover and explore their environment.

* Smaller numbers of children in each room to maximize learning potential.


                            Sample Curriculum for one day

Theme: Letter "C"

A.M. Circle- Good morning song, Calendar, Seasons,  The Giant Carrot flannel board story, Letter "C" book, and circle extension activity.

Classwork-Three age appropriate worksheets, including at least on letter "C" worksheet

Small motor- Playdough, Dry erase boards

Art- Crayon melt art

P.M. Story time- The Hungry Caterpillar

Large Motor/ Outside play- Sidewalk Chalk

All art, circle time, and classrooms activities relate to the Letter theme of the week.