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             Schedule of Daily Activities                                                    

7:00-8:00 welcome and breakfast.
8:00-9:30 Art/Free Play
9:30-10:00 Snack
10:00-10:20 Circle time
10:20-11:00 Classwork Time
11:00-11:45 Outside Time
11:45-1215 Lunch
12:15-12:30 clean up/ get ready for nap
12:30-2:30 Nap/Rest time
2:30-3:00 Wake/Free Play
3:00-3:30 Snack Time
3:30-4:00 Center Circle
4:00-5:00 Outside Time         5:00-6:00 Free Play          

Because nutrition is such an important part of your childs day we try to prepare all of our meals from fresh ingrediants daily. For example our pasta's and soups are made with fresh meats and veggies in the crock pot. We use a balance of Fresh fruits, Vegatables, dairy and other food groups throughout the day.100% fruit juice is served with both morning and afternnon snacks. Milk is served with breakfast and lunch.

Sample daily Menu

  • Breakfast- Oatmeal
  • A.M. Snack- Vanilla Wafers and Banana's
  • Lunch- Spaghetti w/meat balls, Salad, and Apple slices
  • P.M. Snack- Goldfish crackers

   Monthly Menu is always posted at school for parents to view