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             Choosing the right Preschool center

Choosing a preschool center can be a very overwhelming process. Because there are so many to choose from we have made a childcare checklist for you to take when you visit other centers. This will help you ask the important questions, compare them to one another and make sure that they meet the criteria that you and your family are looking for. The overall feel of the facility should be a big part of your decision. Don't get distracted by large centers with lots of toys. If you are truly looking for a curriculum based program that balances many area's of development don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.

General Information:

1.     What are the hours and days of operation?
2.     What ages do they care for and how are they separated?                                3.     What supplies and equipment does the center provide?
4.     What do I need to supply my child with?
5.     What are the centers sick child, discipline and operating policies?
6.     Does the center have an Open Door Policy?
7.     What days are the school closed?
8.     What is the center’s policy if someone else is picking up your child?
9.     What is the latest time I can drop my child off at school?
10.   Does the center follow the public school schedules? When public school is   closed or dismisses early do you do the same?

Tuition & Other Expenses:

1.      When are tuition payments due? Are there late fees if not paid on time?
2.      Do I still pay tuition if my child is absent, holidays, vacation, sick?
3.      How can tuition payments be made? Check? Credit card? Debit card? Cash?
4.      Is there a yearly registration fee?
5.      Are there extra charges if my child is picked up late?
6.      Does the school go on field trips? Are there extra costs? Can parents chaperone?

Center’s Atmosphere: (When you tour the centers)

1.      Do the children look busy, happy and well cared for?
2.      Are the teachers responding to the children and their needs?
3.      Did your child feel comfortable and want to get involved during the visit?
4.      How were the classrooms? Were they clean, big, bright and airy?
5.      Are safe, sanitary, and hygienic conditions being maintained?
6.      Does the center help with potty training?
7.      How are the outdoor areas? What is the ground surface?
9.      How are parents informed? Does the center provide “extras”- newsletter, menus, daily reports, and calendar of events?
10.  Does the center allow time for a transition period for your child to get to know the center before they start?

Teachers Information:

1.      How long have the teachers been at the center?
2.      Can they administer medications?
3.      Are they all certified in First Aid & CPR?
4.      Are background checks and fingerprinting done on all staff?
5.      Can you tell the difference between teachers and parents? Do they wear name tags? Shirts with the center’s name on them?
6.      What is the staff to child ratio?

Children Information:

1.      What would the center do to protect a child who has an allergy?
2.      What is the center’s policy when a child gets hurt?
3.      What is the procedure when a child gets sick at the center?
4.      What are the steps taken to get a child involved in activities with the other children?

When visiting and touring A+ Academics all of the above questions are answered along with any additional questions that parents/guardians may have. A parent packet is also provided to all parents who have toured our center which provides all of the above information and also additional information about the different programs that our center has to offer.